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  • Project manager at SMA + Kingsbury Design
  • Private clients
  • London, UK
  • 2012 - 2013
  • 220m2
  • £550 000 (approx. 650 000€)

This house is one of nine Grade II listed buildings forming a terrace, which dates back to approximately 1805, built for the occupation of Artisans. In addition to the general refurbishment of the whole house, we have built a basement extension and a two storey new closet wing.

General refurbishment and extensions.

Initially, terraced houses are not that big and they are built on plots that are only 18 feet wide. So the priority for this project was to gain as much space as possible. In order to do so we have built two different extensions.

The first one is a basement extension, which means that we have underpinned the whole house and dug out the earth, creating an entire new floor.

The second one is a 2 storey timber framed rear extension with half a brick leaf on the outside. This type of construction reduces the size of the bearing structure. In total, we have added about 90m2 to the original house.

Coal vault.

The existing listed Georgian coal vault has been converted into a shower room. The floor level has been lowered by 5 feet and the perimeter walls have been underpinned.