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  • Project manager at SMA
  • Private clients
  • London, UK
  • 2011
  • 35m2
  • £64 000 (approx. 75 000 euros)

The clients wanted a naturally lit and spacious kitchen, opening on their nice garden. In order to do so we have created a side extension between the existing closet wing and the garden wall at the rear of the property, with a rooflight as well as large sliding folding doors and a fixed window to frame the garden.

and openings.

The orientation of the terraced house meant that it was important to gain as much natural light as possible. We have designed a long rooflight on top of the side extension, located right above the dining table. It brings a lot more daylight than the original bay window while retaining as much natural light as possible in the adjacent living room.

There are also sliding folding doors located in the continuity of the kitchen island that can be fully opened, so when the weather is nice you feel like you are standing in your garden.

Building site.

To realise this project the perimeter walls of the existing kichen have been taken down and the upper floors are now supported by steel beams and a picture frame. Also, the existing kitchen has been completely stripped out, including the existing slab in order to install an underfloor heating system, a new lighting system and connect the new kitchen fittings to the existing below ground drainage system. The internal finish floor level has been lowered so it is flush with the patio.